Tuesday, December 9, 2008

i woke up to the most awesome sound this morning

and by awesome, i DEFINITELY mean horrible. i woke up around 4am to the sound of a a female cat, in heat, basically sending out a mating call to all the possible neighborhood feline courtiers. it was similar to the sound of a woman who is pregnant with an alien being repeatedly stabbed in the stomach by the terminator. neither her nor the unborn alien will die, they just continue to scream in unbearable pain and anguish for the entire world to hear. aaaaaaaaand of course, the cats mating call doesnt so much attract male cats that want to hump as much as it annoys and aggravates the entire neighbor hood of dogs that in response to the screaming, start barking and howling. oh yeah, and you know how im scared of ghosts, paranormal, aliens, horror movies, etc etc? i definitely could have sworn this morning when i got up to see what was going on, that i saw the asian girl from that one horror movie....the grudge, in the bathroom for like a split second. so, needless to say, i couldnt fall back asleep. the funny thing is, i didnt even think that movie was scary. but i guess now that im in asia, its a lot more possible that some really weird and hot asian chick is constantly lurking in the dark corners, ready to kill me. its already so warm out today. oh yeah, Led gave me some bad ass t shirts that are too big for him. a hopeless records t shirt and a mr. T experience t shirt. fuckin awesome. i have a feeling that today will be an amazing day, full of fun and adventure. i was REALLY looking forward to taking a shower. buuuuuuut now im a little apprehensive about it.

i mean, i dont want that grudge chick bothering me. but i smell really bad. well, if i die in the shower, i lived a good life. goodbye forever.

wesley james sisk

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