Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Posting from Manila, Philippines. December 9, 2008

shits crazy. EVERYTHING is in english out here. billboards, street signs, bumper stickers.....everything. its VERY westernized. which is awesome because i get the best of both worlds....everything is cheap as fuck here. gas is .80 cents per gallon. a frappucinno at starbucks is like 1.50. i mean, for the locals, its all relative. the minimum wage here for an average worker is like 120.
00 per month. so, thats why everything is so much cheaper. when i arrived here it was about 89 degrees. fuckin crazy. when i was going to the train station in reno it was 36 degrees. oh yeah, and i already vomited today. it was a little embarrassing. but for whatever reason, my stomach doesnt agree with rice, and thats pretty much the main food here. so, i have THAT to look forward to. so, im hangin out with my new friend, LED, here it his house. its awesome. he has a cat named Keanu. named after the actor, keanu reeves. and a dog who hates me named trixie. its so awesome hanging out with my new friends led and imelda. tomorrow we are gonna eat pizza. so im obviously siked about that. ill have some free time tomorrow. oh yeah....right now, its 10:13 pm in the philippines and its 6:10 am back home. fuckin insane. and it took me 23 hours to get here from LA. hopefully tomorrow night i will have tons of good stories.

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